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  • ADVC-HDM1 720p

    I cannot seem to get video out of ADVC-HDM1, when playing tapes recorded in JVC's GY-HD100 through a Sony HVR-M15U.

    The Sony VTR can play the tapes (recorded in 720@30p HDV format), but the ADVC-HDM1 does not decode these. I've ingested content recorded from this camera, using this VTR directly to my NLE station, so it shouldn't be a problem.
    The playing video can also be seen using Composite and component outputs.

    The JVC HDV data stream is quite troublesome. We had some problems with Miranda HDBridge DecXC converters as well. In Miranda's HDBridge firmware realease notes, there's the following comment:

    Material shot with the JVC GY-HD100 will cause the HD-Bridge to unlock on scene transitions.

    The problem comes from the way the JVC camera records on tape. Every time the record button is pressed non-standard discontinuities in timing information on the tape are generated by the camera. When this tape is played in the HD-Bridge, the decoder sees the discontinuity and this creates a momentary loss of signal.

    The solution found was to freeze the image when that occurs leaving the outputs glitch free. However, some frames are lost and a time code break is generated. Therefore some care must be taken when shooting with the JVC camera. Please read the application note about how to use the HD-Bridge with an NLE system.
    I also had some problems while capturing the JVC HDV data directly to Premiere using firewire. You can see the issue discussed in this post in Adobe Premiere's forums.

    Please note that, even thought the Miranda and Premiere had issues with tapes recorded from this camera (regardless of the VTR playing), they were still able to receive and decode the signal.

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    The ADVC-HDM1 does not support 720/30p. It supports 720/59.94p and 720/50p only.


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      Yes, indeed. I reached the same conclusion shortly before reading your post.
      Anyway, it's registered in the forum now, so if anybody else has the same problem, they can check it here.

      I believe that the JVC GY-HD200 series cameras are capable of 720 60/59.94p, and perhaps these cameras can be used in this case.