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  • Advc-55

    Hi, I have a ADVC-55 and I’m in the process of importing to my PC some old video’s, old Hi8 tapes and some tapes my kids used to adore and that can no longer be purchased. Numerous tapes have been done and all without any major issues.
    Now I’m doing a series of 12 tapes, all from the same manufacturer and the same age. 8 could be imported from my VCR via ADVC-55 and Windows Movie maker without any problems and the four remaining show weird colours (hard and with an overdose of red) in the preview screen and also in the file it creates.
    I’ve rebooted the system and the Canopus, changed cables, used different sort of cables and different programs (Nero and Roxio) even tried 2 other PC’s but the effect remains the same. Only if I put those four tapes on fast view (twice the speed) the colours show normal again. If I enter one of the other tapes it shows fully normal, so it is strictly related to those four tapes.
    So to double check, I connected the same VCR to a television and the colours of those tapes show absolutely normal.
    Is there anybody out there that has an idea what could cause this weird behaviour? And how to solve it? Thanks in advance, GJ

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    The extreme red shift can be a sign of Macrovision copy-protection.