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ADVC300 firewire passthrough

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  • ADVC300 firewire passthrough

    Hi all!

    I have an ADVC300, with a dual computer setup.

    I would like to play footage from one computer, and capture it with the other.
    Is this possible somehow?

    I've connected the 300 via firewire to the computer from wich I would like to play on the input side, and the other on the output side (and vice-versa as well).

    The 300 connects to both of them, and my capture app detects it, but the 2.nd computer recieves only black video.

    If I connect a display to eg. the S-Video output port of the 300, the image appears there.

    Is this a way to do this?

    Appriciate the answer.


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    Pass-through isn't really supported with FireWire - just link the two computers up directly.


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      direct link

      Thank you for your reply.

      What exactly do you mean by linking directly?

      With an UTP cable?

      The point would be to capture footage, instead of having to render and transfer the footage.

      Thank you for your help.



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        Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
        What exactly do you mean by linking directly?
        Currently you are running a FireWire cable between each of the computers and the ADVC300. Instead, run a single FireWire cable between the two computers (link directly).

        Make sure that you have disabled FireWire networking, if using Windows XP on both machines.