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AVDC110 & digital video mixer & streaming

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  • AVDC110 & digital video mixer & streaming

    I have a avdc 110 and trying to stream live video with an Videonics MX1 mixer. The output of the video is through the stated mixer...the audio is output through a peavey mark2 series audio mixer. Of course all are analog.

    The output from the AVDC110 is via firewire. Video is perfect, but the audio does not work when fed through the video mixer by the peavey mark 2. Again audio output is connected via phono (rca). If I bypass the video mixer with the audio and plug straight into the cpu with line out of the audio mixer, works fine, bu tit mutes the audio of the cpu and I can't hear what is happening.

    any ideas?

    TV Camden

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    I'm having a difficult time understanding your setup. Can you explain what's connected to what in further detail - and what you're trying to achieve as a whole?


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      It sounds to me like you are trying to use the firewire output to get to the video mixer, but the analog output to get to the audio mixer. I attempted an identical configuration a few years ago (albeit with a competing product) and it did not work. In my situation, the box would only send output to the DV or the analog, not both.

      If this is what you are trying to do, try outputing only to analog (RCA out to the video mixer) and see if you get a signal. As you are probably aware, you may have to change some setting on the MX mixer to get the video input setup.


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        You should take both video and audio from Firewire, or video and audio from analog. Taking one from Firewire and the other from analog will put things out of sync because of DV encode/decode delay on the Firewire.