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ADVC 100 Power supply replacement

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    Originally posted by GrassValley_BH
    If you have a Radio Shack nearby, you can find the appropriate Adaptaplug and an appropriate power supply. But of course we won't support it if you tell us you're not using the approved PSU.

    No way. I wouldn't think of using a generic power supply with my advc 100. As I said in my other posting, I already started using the PSU5V I got from your local distributor here and it works fine. Just have to be careful moving the unit while i'm working on a project. I'll try to look for an 'adaptaplug' or something similar here in the Philippines.



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      Brandon, I have not found it simple to get a 5v, 2.5-3.0 amp power supply at my local Radio Shack. If they had them, I'd have tried one long ago. The closest at my local RS is a variable voltage (pick between 4.5 or 6 volts) at a maximum of 2 amps. They might work, but the stock ADVC 100/110 power supplies are "switching" units, and much smaller than the generic RS ones. Is the "switching" feature necessary? (I had "switching" explained to me once, but won't pretend to have really understood it . . .)


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        Hi Rann,

        power supplies can be "linear" or "switching". A 5V / 2A linear PSU have the same capabilities as a 5V / 2A switching PSU, but is less efficient regarding power loss and required space : a switching PSU is smaller for the same voltage / current capabilities, and heat dissipation is less, too.

        Actually, most of the PSU available on the market are based on the switching mode (PWM, Pulse Width Modulation).

        "Switching feature" is not necessary, but you have to prefer a PSU with a well stabilised voltage output. Be carefull with PSU with voltage selector, that are not always regulated.

        Best regards,


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          Unless the ADVC specs are grossly off, this one should work, with the appropriate Adaptaplug. Best to take it to the store and try it though.

          Of course for that price plus the Adaptaplug (unless you get them to include it), you're probably better off just getting the official PSU if you can.


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            Thanks for that, Brandon; I had not seen a 5v in my local store. In a pinch, if I had to go with a variable voltage 2000ma PS, any guesses on whether 4.5 or 6 volts would be preferable?


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              Start lower and increase as necessary.


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                Sorry for my intrusion, but there are someone that can tell me if the ADVC-55 use the same Power Supply of the ADVC-110 ?
                Or can tell me what power supply can use with my ADVC-55
                The user manual is not so clear 5V-40V / 80mA-620mA, what dose it mean that I can't use a universal power supplay tha tgive more than 1A ?



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                  The ADVC-55 and ADVC-110 both use the same power adapter: ADVC-PSU5V. Rated power consumption of ADVC-55 is 3.1W so you are looking at power supply with 5V and at least 620mA.