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Need help selecting video capture/editing software for Mac

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  • Need help selecting video capture/editing software for Mac

    I just purchased a new mac computer running OS X 10.5 and I am using my ADVC-300. I am looking for a new software program that will enable me to capture in AVI. I have tried using imovie however it will stop capturing whenever it sees the static between scene changes on an old tapes. It also won't allow me to capture in avi (at least I haven't found an avi setting). I basically want to put an old tape in a player hooked up to my advc-300 hit play while my software captures in avi until I stop it.

    I haven't messed with video capture/editing for quite some time so if avi isn't what the preferable capture format is, then please set me straight. My plan is to convert all our family videos onto dvd's.

    *Update* After I learned to use the search button :) It appears that there is no reason to capture off the advc-300 in any format other than DV. correct? If that is true (which makes sense to me) then my only question would be on the best software for mac. My old tapes have alot of stops throughout between scene changes and I need the software to capture until I tell it to stop.
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    You might need to feel around some 'next level' applications, such as Final Cut Express.


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      Thanks for the fast reply. Reading up on FC Express now. Once again, thanks for helping me yesterday with getting my ADVC-300 picture controlling up and running.


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        No problem. One thing to be aware of - in most cases, Apple apps will capture your file as a Quicktime wrapped file - it'll still be DV25 data, but you will be working with MOV files.


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          See this thread particularly my post in that thread. You have two solutions to the problem of capture stopping:
          1. The freeware capture app myVCR which does not implement device control and so never tells the ADVC300 to stop.
          2. A Time Base Corrector (TBC) which cleans up the video sync signals so they are never lost at scene changes. It is the brief loss of video sync which causes the ADVC300 to stop capturing (actually, it is iMovie which tells the ADVC300 to stop). A TBC will also be useful for really old VHS tapes which may result in jittery video during capture. Some more expensive VHS players have a TBC builtin. Note that the ADVC300 has a builtin Line Time Base Corrector (LTBC), which won't fix full-frame sync problems. Search this forum for "TBC" if you want to find out more.