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  • Broadcast Cameras

    Recently I was surfing the net to gather information about Broadcast camera and I was very much interested in Sony cameras where I came up with two different attractive models: Sony HDR-FX7E and Sony HVRZ7U. Can you please explain precisely the difference between them and advice me which to purchase?

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    The FX7E records to tape (miniDV) only and has a fixed lens. The Z7U records to tape or flash memory and has an interchangeable lens, to put it briefly. I am not sure I would class either of these as "broadcast" cameras, although you might find them being used for fast moving, reality-type documentaries, due to their small size. I have no personal experience of either.
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      Thanks a lot for your reply. However, which Broadcast camera do you recommend according to your experience taking into consideration that it has a light weight and a medium size?


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        Sorry, were you planning to use these cameras with an ADVC product?

        (I'm trying to determine the relevance for where this topic has been posted)


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          No I am not using it with ADVC products, I am only asking a general question. Can you please give a reply for my question?


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            Sorry, but this is outside what the forums are for.

            There are camera discussion threads in the EDIUS forum, for use with EDIUS. If you are after general camera information, you're going to have a much better chance getting your answers at sites that are specifically devoted to broadcast cameras.

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