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Elgato Turbo.264 / ADVC-110

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  • GrassValley_BH
    Try it with a DV camera. If it still crashes, it's not specifically the ADVC, and it's DV devices in general. DV is 25 Mbps, fixed, you can't ask the device to give you anything else, so maybe QT Broadcaster doesn't know how to limit a fixed-bandwidth stream?

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  • spycake
    started a topic Elgato Turbo.264 / ADVC-110

    Elgato Turbo.264 / ADVC-110

    Anybody else here using Elgato's Turbo.264 USB dongle? Originally intended to speed up file-to-file H.264 encoding, it can now also encode H.264 video live in QuickTime Broadcaster:

    However, when we try to limit the data rate of the video stream (roughly below the 495 kbps threshold), it instantly crashes QuickTime Broadcaster. This does not happen when testing with another device, like the iSight camera, and Elgato says it must be an incompatibility with the ADVC-110. Any ideas, either for a solution or a similar product that may not exhibit this problem?

    Otherwise, we love the Turbo.264. It cuts down on CPU usage, and it produces an iPod-compatible H.264 video file without requiring post-production (Apple's own H.264 codec in QuickTime Broadcaster has to be re-encoded before the iPod will accept it). But this bit rate limitation is presently keeping us from wide adoption. Thoughts?