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  • Adcv-50

    Can anyone tell me if the above will work in Vista 32bit? I have it installed on a free pci slot with the firewire cable connected but it's not detected in Vista.


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    The ADVC50 only takes power from the PCI slot. Beyond that, it's the FireWire connection that matters, and it'll look like an attached DV camera/deck to the system.

    Is your FireWire interface working in Vista?


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      Hello Brandon, it's not showing on my system at all, I have checked the device manager and notting there but the Texas Instruments OHCI Complaint IEEE1394 Host Controller, unfortunately I don't have another firewire device to test, is ther another way I could test it?

      I have two firewire ports on my machine, one on the frunt and one on the back, this one is shared with a usb port ie breakout bracket comming off the motherboard and the usb works fine....

      I have tried connecting the firewire cable to the frunt connector....and notting!! any more suggestions.

      My machine is fairly new and it's not a branded machine, it's one I built myself and I would be supprised if it was the firewire...but I guess I cant rule it out until I can test it....



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        Try removing the ADVC50 from the PCI slot, plug in a 4-pin drive power connector (same as CD-ROM drive) and see if the system sees it then.


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          Well I think it's fair to say it's death, I have tried what you suggested Brandon with no luck, I even tried it on an XP machine with a free pci slot and no joy. Is there anything else I can try as It was working before and I have many hours of capturing footage with it before.



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            Hmm... nothing really comes to mind (aside from swapping Firewire cables). At this point it's time to contact Tech Support. Not sure if it's still under warranty, but it doesn't hurt to check.