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ADVC-HD50 (two of them) Not Working Properly w/ Sony VTRs/Camcorders used to Capture

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  • ADVC-HD50 (two of them) Not Working Properly w/ Sony VTRs/Camcorders used to Capture


    Some Canopus tech support might be aware fo what I'm talking about.

    Note that in all this, Canopus (US) support was SUPERB and did everything they could to help us out. They bent over backwards from getting Japan invovled to hand delivering a second unit to my office in trying to help us out. I cannot thank them enough!...but I'm hoping to get some verified success stories here...I am not here to stir any issues, just try to seek additional help.

    The issue we are having: After a lot of troubleshooting, we been unsuccessful at getting the ADVC HD50 to work properly with _ANY_ Sony HDV VTRs or Sony HDV least US models.

    Canopus listed a couple Sony VTR/Cameras as having been tested on their website. I'd like to note that from what we see, they list the Japanese models and not US...

    HDV Input Devices
    Cameras / Decks
    Sony: HVR-M25J, HVR-Z7J, HDR-HC7

    But whenever we plug _ANY_ Sony HDV VTR or Sony HDV Camcorder, multiple models of each, we encounter a major issue: The video halts every few seconds for about 1/2 second. We have tried two ADVC HD50 units, one being shipped directly from Japan as it was supposed to have newer firmware.

    One of the decks we have is a Sony HVR-M25U. This is popular deck for reality shows to use. An example is The Deadliest Catch: They rig the boats up with several of these to capture the footage from mounted cameras.

    This is the US model. Canopus lists the Sony HVR-M25J as having been testing...but agan, that's the Japanese model. And we have the same issue with our M25Us as we have with our other decks (eg. GV-HD700, HDV clamshell deck like the popular DV1000) and Sony Camcorders (several models between the prosumer-professional HDV camcorders from them)). You'd think there would be little to no real difference between the Japanese model and US one...but maybe there is...While both countries are NTSC, Japan does use a slight variant (NTSC-J ... while the rest of the NTSC world is NTSC-M)...though the only difference is the IRE...but who knows, maybe there is a slight difference in the decks hardware/software because of this? I dunno!

    This issue occurs ONLY with Sony products, at least in our limited testin. If we go directly into a PC or Mac, it's fine. We have tried multiple Canon HDV cameras (as there is no Canon HDV deck), and it works fine. ...that's pretty much all I've been able to test since 90% of our HDV equip is Sony.

    This all said, I would expect the device to work with ANY Sony and JVC products without a hitch...they did co-develop the HDV format, ya know...we do everything in 1080i (mainly for broadcast reasons...and we use HDCam also which is 1080i), so JVC products are no use for us (they handled HDV 720p...Sony 1080i HDV)...why just about everything is Sony.

    But it's not working without a hitch....and I was wondering if anyone else has been successful at using the ADVC-HD50 while using a (US model) Sony HDV VTR to capture to tape?...And if so, when was your HD50 manufactured (sticker on the bottom) and what specific VTR model are ya using!

    Right now, we are having to re-work the solution I'm doing using Canon VIXIA HV30s (or HV20s) as it's small and it's HDV and it works just fine with the ADVC-HD50....but we would like to be able to use this with proper VTRs.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Dave Toole
    Senior Producer, CBS Interactive (formerly CNET Networks)
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    I would like to use the ADVC-HD50 with a Sony Clamshell HDV deck for video assist recording on high definition commercial shoots... Was this compatibility issue ever resolved? Thanks in advance!