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ADVC55 (how to view multiple DV streams)

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  • ADVC55 (how to view multiple DV streams)

    Hello GV and users,

    I have (3) Sony surveillance cameras sending analog video to (3) ADVC55 DV converters. I have 3 firewire cables (IEEE1394) going to a (3-port firewire card on my Win XP desktop computer.) When I plug in all the firewire cables into the ADVC55, I can see all lights turn green and my desktop notifies me that it sees all the cameras and tries to run the annoying Microsoft DV capture widget. I bypass that, because it only lets me look at (1) camera at a time.

    My question is simple:

    How can I view all (3) video streams on my desktop simultaneously?

    do I have to:

    (a) buy a third-party application that lets me view multiple firewire DV connections at the same time?

    (b) Is there some internal software setup in Win XP that can allow me to view all the streams?

    Appreciate any feedback and comments...


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    This has been answered a number of times in this forum. See for example: