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ADVC-110 & 2007 Alum iMac 20"

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  • GrassValley_KH
    While I cannot state that I have personal experience running an ADVC110 off that particular model of iMac, it should be noted that Apple sell this unit by the truckload.

    In other words, if there was an issue with compatibility, we would know about it. I've not seen any internal memos regarding Agere incompatibility, either. FireWire port incompatibility is largely a thing of the past nowadays (with the exception of new FireWire 800 ports).

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  • Meld
    Guest started a topic ADVC-110 & 2007 Alum iMac 20"

    ADVC-110 & 2007 Alum iMac 20"

    Hi, I am thinking of getting the ADVC-110 but am a lil apprehensive about compatibility with the Agere firewire chip in my alum. iMac 20" bought new in July 2007.
    I've already got one Firewire device (RME Fireface 400) that doesn't work properly with the iMac and so have enough paper weights already.

    Could somebody confirm please.