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Capture / Security Camera Issue with ADVC 100

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  • Capture / Security Camera Issue with ADVC 100

    I have an old macbook Titanium (400 mhz). 700 megs of RAM. A Canopus ADVC 100. I use Security Spy as my capture program to monitor security cameras.

    This system has worked flawlessly for 6 months. Last week I restarted that computer and it now does not see the video image coming from the 100. It senses the 100 but gives me an error code of -536870203. There was no software upgrade when this happened, but to double check I went back to older versions. I have changed Firewire cables, and the 100 works perfect on my Macbook Pro...

    Hope someone has a good idea on how to fix this issue or where to start. I am mulling over re-installing my system software but that is a PITA for sure.


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    Not sure, particularly if you say it does indeed work without fail on the other Mac.

    Have you checked with the software vendor for the CCTV app? They might offer additional information regarding "error 526870203"