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ADVC-110 Brightness and Audio problems

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  • ADVC-110 Brightness and Audio problems

    Hello all.

    I recently decided to upgrade my old capture rig with some new equipment. I chose the 110 based on working with it at a recent convention, and being pleased with it's live capture results. To insure that I would be getting the same result, I purchased identical equipment.

    I received the unit last week and tried it out this morning with terrible results. My primary use for this unit will be to capture live video, but I also do the random VHS transfer. These problems are occuring during a VHS transfer. Just to note, at no point does the 110 indicate that Macrovision is present, so I don't believe that is a problem. Cables, VCR, power supply are all good and/or are in use on other devices. Power supply is clean, and shows little noise on my scope.

    First problem, and I have seen this reported elsewhere, is that the brightness strobes on tapes. That is, it will be going along fine, and then all of a sudden dim and slowly increase until it is somewhat washed out. It appears to occur in the same places all the time for a given tape. Using an external TBC seems to get rid of this problem, but introduces others that I'd rather not deal with. These are tapes that have been captured sucessfully with other cards, and were all purchased new by me with the intent on transferring them to a more useable format.

    Second problem, is audio dropouts. During capture tests, there are small sections of audio (1/2 second) that are muffled or are missing, like someone turned the audio off for that particular section. This appears to happen randomly, but seems to happen at least once in any given minute of capture.

    I've tried various tapes, cables, external devices, etc. to try and solve these problems, but no luck. I'm pretty sure my computer is up to the task, as I had two of these running constantly for a weekend doing capture and feed work.

    I'm pretty dissapointed that this is happening - I'd hoped to dump my ancient desktop this weekend for a more portable solution. Is there something I'm overlooking?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Strobing usually is indeed an indication of macrovision. Are the VHS tapes you are capturing, commercially-produced tapes? If so, that's the problem.