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Full Screen Video on my HDTV

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  • Full Screen Video on my HDTV

    Hi - I cam capturing old VHS tapes via my ADVC 300 using Adobe Premier - I have set the project to 16:9 ratio but all output is captured at 720 * 576 - whatever method I useto export the avi into mpeg I still have two black bars runing down each side of the movie when I steam it to my TV via Apple Tv - any ideas on how I get this full screen ?

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    Premiere's project setting must be 16:9 (seems you've done this part) and your footage must also be set 16:9.

    If your VHS footage was already letterboxed (it plays with black bars on top/bottom on a normal 4:3 screen) then the ADVC won't remove the letterbox bars. It'll just capture the entire screen image as 4:3, including the black bars and you'll have to crop the video to 16:9 in Premiere.

    And the final step... your DVD output settings in Premiere must also be set 16:9.