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  • ADVC55 question

    I also have Leopard and have recently purchased the ADVC 55 to import Hi8 video using a Sony Hi8 VTR into iMovie8--and iMovie6. However, I have noticed the bottom 2-3 millimeters of the import screen to jiggle, which is also there on playback of the imported video. This jiggling is not apparent if I send the Hi8 VTR signal to a regular TV using composite audio-video plugs. I was told by Canopus support that this was a problem with iMovie8 and to try iMovie6--which I have and with no success. I tend to believe the problem is with the Canopus 55. But I am not a technical expert on the matter. Is anyone familiar with the problem or have a solution?

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    What you're seeing is normal for all analog video, it's the overscan area that is hidden by the TV's bezel or a separate mask. If you take the video captured by the ADVC and play it back on a TV, you won't see the outer 5% or so of the image.

    If you find the overscan area objectionable, crop the image or overlay a black garbage matte on the outer portion.


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      Thanks very much for your explanation. I had been considering trading up from the ADVD55 to 110 or 300. I am simply interested in digitizing many hours of Hi8, S-VHS and VHS through my intel-based MAC for archival purposes and eventually using iMovie8 for any projects as my learning increases. Do you see any need to upgrade my ADVC55?



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        No. The ADVC-110 adds output capabilities which you don't need, and the ADVC-300's filtering is most useful with degraded source material. If you do find down the line that you have some degraded source, you can get a TBC or video stabilizer and put that in between the source device and the ADVC.