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[ADVC-110] How to capture in 16:9 ?

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  • [ADVC-110] How to capture in 16:9 ?

    Hello, I'm using the ADVC110 which is truly awesome. Great video quality !

    But the problem is that when I use Premiere, I can only get a 4:3 capture file ([email protected]) from a PAL source :( Is there some kind of dipswitch to enable to get a 16:9 output ?

    The workaround I have found is to capture to 720x576 (4:3) in AdobePremiere, then stretch the video to a 16:9 resolution, but the problem is that stretching a video makes it even worse. The best would be to be able to capture directly to a 16:9 ratio. What can I do ?

    Thanks in advance ;)

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    You need to tell Premiere that the captured clip should be handled as 16:9.

    As for output, 16:9 DV is anamorphic like widescreen DVDs, so it's up to your display device to stretch the image to 16:9 aspect.


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      OH MAN YOU ARE RIGHT !!!!! Thanks a lot ! It's been a month I've been using Adobe Premiere but I never noticed that I could chose Widescreen or Standard in the project menu. I was always chosing Standard as a habit.

      Thanks a lot and sorry for the "stupid question". Now I can safely say that the ADVC110 rocks :))))


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        Have fun with it!