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ADVC300 - No full connection with Premiere Pro CS3

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  • ADVC300 - No full connection with Premiere Pro CS3

    Hi to all,

    I used since more than two years the ADVC300 with Premiere Pro V1.5, without any problem.

    I recently updated PP 1.5 to PP CS3, and can't no more initiate any capture in CS3. ADVC300 is always recognised in Windows XP Pro (can see incoming analog video in Windows desktop), and I think there is no problem with cables (in doubt, I changed it but same results).

    In PP CS3, ADVC is seen connected, "Online" status when ADVC turned on, and "Offline" status when ADVC turned off. So, seems OK for physical connection. But Premiere says that device can't be driven and that I have to reconfigure it. Of course, tried some device profils as "Generic", "Canopus" and "Sony Standard", but no positive result.

    For information, I use two external FireWire devices : Canopus ADVC300 and RME Fireface800, but each have a different IEEE1394 controller (on-board bus used with Fireface800 and added card - TI chipset - is used for the Canopus device). Never had problem with this configuration, when using in PP V1.5.

    Any idea where to search ?
    (search similar problems in this forum, but didn't found as mine)
    (ADVC300 has already been flashed in the past, for PP 1.5 compatibility)
    (tried to turn off Fireface800 - not work better)
    (Computer is a WS only used for music composition - Cubase 4 - and video editing, no internet connection, WinXP Pro SP2 without any update)

    In advance, all my thanks for any help.
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    Additionnal information :

    I just installed PP V1.5 on a laptop (win XP Pro, as for my WS), and ADVC300 always works fine, as on my desktop WS before updating to PP CS3.

    So, ADVC300 and firewire connection are OK, no doubt.

    Thanks again.
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      If PP CS3 has an option to turn off real-time DV output from the timeline, try turning it off.


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        thank you very much for your answer.

        I already tried to deactivate all unecessary task as RT output on DV port, but without success. ADVC300 is always seen with Online status, but no remote control is allowed (for information, these options were activated in PP 1.5, and all worked well).

        Adobe OnLocation CS3 recorder component works fine with the ADVC300 (I installed it today), no problem to capture video from the ADVC or from my camcorders. But I really prefer make capture directly from Premiere (no need to launch a second application, and captured elements are automatically inserted in project folder). So at the moment I can do the work, but not in the manner I prefer.

        Any other suggestion to make ADVC300 working directly in PP CS3 are welcome ;-)

        Thanks again.


        Edit : as ADVC300 works fine with OnLocation and not with Premiere, I think my searches should be more oriented on Premiere forums. But all suggestions are always welcome. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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          Maybe CS3 needs a camera/deck with tape connected to the ADVC and the ADVC3000 in In-Mode before starting?


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            Hello Zorro,

            thank you for your suggestion.

            PP V1.5 needed this for the ADVC300 to be detected. So I always made in this manner :
            - started computer
            - started ADVC300 and waited apparition of VCR icon on task bar
            - manually selected the ADVC "Analog in"
            - launched PP V1.5

            At the end of PP initializing, i opened capture form, and at this moment, the ADVC automatically switched to the "Digital in", that allowed me to know the Firewire connection was OK (I had to reactivate "Analog in" to allow capture of analog source).

            With PP CS3, there is no "Analog in" to "Digital in" toggle, and capture form is less responsive, I have to wait 30..40 seconds before PP say that remote control is impossible. What I found strange is that PP read well ADVC300 connection status : displayed status reflect the real ADVC state ("on line" if ADVC is switch on, or "off line" if advc is switch off). But perhaps this status is just the reflect of an "unknown device" presence detection, I don't know.



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              sorry to up my help request, but I have do add some precisions.

              I said OnLocation CS3 works with ADVC300. It's right, as analog video and audio are well captured... when capture don't exced 30 minutes (OnLocation is very unstable on my computer - that is really clean). Same thing with direct DV device connection (without ADVC300) : stream well received but unstable capture (crash with a final unusable file).

              All I wanted to say was ADVC300 and IEEE1394 link are fully functionnal. All worked fine in PP 1.5 and don't work in PP CS3. Of course, I have always the solution to do capture from my old PP 1.5 version installed on my laptop, via an intermediate external HD : this works fine but it is not really a valuable solution.

              Thanks again for any help. For sure I wait for a solution, but hear that other users are in the same case would be "helpful", too.

              Best regards,


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                Have you tried using the freeware WinDV or non-commercial-ware CaptureFlux? I know you'd like to do capturing in CS3, but at least if you verify that one of these works without crashing then you can confirm that there is something strange with CS3.



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                  Hello Ken,

                  thanks for your suggestion. I'll try these two softwares in a short time, and I'll report test results here.



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                    just tried WinDV and CaptureFlux softwares on my WS, both are fully functionnal with ADVC300. No crash and generated DV files can be imported in PP CS3 without problem.

                    So, actual situation is as follow :

                    - Before upgrading to Adobe PP CS3, Adobe PP 1.5 worked well with ADVC300 and allowed capture without any problem.
                    - Adobe OnLocation CS3 see the ADVC300 and allow capture, but is not stable.
                    - Adobe PP CS3 "see" the ADVC300 but don't allow capture (remote control can't be activated).
                    - WinDV and CaptureFlux see ADVC300 and allow capture.

                    So, I think problem is really in PP CS3.

                    PS : When working with PP 1.5, I installed MainConcept DV Codec and MainConcept Adobe MPEG Pro Plugin. But I don't think this can be related to my problem, as DV stream is seen by all software but PP CS3. In doubt, I made a new Ghost image of my system HD and reinstalled these "external" MainConcept softwares, but no difference. And finally I go back to my last "working" configuration with my last image.

                    Thanks again for your help.


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                      I think you've shown that the problem lies with CS3 and not with your computer or the ADVC300. You might be better off pursuing this in the Adobe forums.

                      My only other thought is a clean install of CS3 (it seems you upgraded from PPro 1.5 rather than a clean install?)



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                        I agree with Ken - it's quite possible that the PPro 1.5 installation didn't fully remove itself, perhaps leaving some system components behind, and those remnants are conflicting with CS3.

                        If you have another machine that doesn't have PPro 1.5 installed, try installing CS3 on there (don't forget to de-activate your installations when you uninstall them!).


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                          Hi Ken and Brandon,

                          thanks for your replies.

                          Sure problem seems related to CS3. And yes, I did an update over PP V1.5.
                          Try installing CS3 on another computer is a good idea, thanks for reminder about deactivation of the one already installed ;-)

                          I'll put here some feedback after other tests.

                          Thanks again to all,
                          and kindest regards.



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                            Hi to all,

                            as promised, a little feedback after some other tests.

                            The computer used to make newer tests with CS3 is an Asus laptop that run under Vista Pro SP1. As this computer has no native IEEE1394 interface, I bought an external ExpressCard / FireWire adapter (LaCie FireWire 800 ExpressCard 34), associated to an FF800 / DV cable.

                            All run fine with this configuration, direct connection of a DV camcorder (tried 3 different Sony models) or use of ADVC300 give excellent and stable results.

                            So, I can now try to uninstall all Premiere components on my primary working computer, and see what happen after reinstall.



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                              Hi to all.

                              I think I have found the cause of the previously described problem, that seem to be consequent to installation of Steinberg Cubase 4, on a not updated Windows XP Pro SP2 (no internet connection, no automatic updates). The setup of Cubase 4 install some components of DirectX 9.0c that I can't bypass.

                              If I restaure my DAW with a previous Ghost image containing the previous Cubase version (SX3) and then install PP CS3 on the fresh restored system, capture can be done without problem.

                              As I can't deactivate installation of DirectX components from Cubase installation, I decided to live with this little problem. Capture from OnLocation now works well, and if I'm not totally happy with this piece of software, I always can make acquisition on my laptop computer and its external HD.

                              Happy day to all.