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ADVC-110 w/Vista 64 & other software capture animals

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  • ADVC-110 w/Vista 64 & other software capture animals

    If this question has been answered, please don't slap me with wet noodles. I've read until I'm blind, so I'm doing good to type this.

    I actually need to run Vista 64 (Grrr!). I have an old Pinnacle Dazzle device not supporting A/V capture in Vista 64.

    Is anyone running the 110 using other capture software like, Arcsoft/ShowBiz2, Adobe Premier, Winblows Media Mangler, etc...?

    I can wait until Canopus editing tools are ready this year for Vista 64, but meanwhile can I find another A/V capture animal for the 110? I have editing software that runs fine under Vista 64, just no way to **** it down to my hard drive in a format I can edit (like AVI, MPG).


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    Well, if nothing else works, you could always buy an external drive and capture on a friend's computer :)

    Some people on other forums say that WinDV works on Vista x64 but others say that it doesn't.

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      x64 Windows should have the appropriate DV camera driver, so the ADVC should work without any specific driver being necessary. That said, make sure DirectX is up-to-date (9.0c June 2008 is out). DirectShow capture should still work, so WinDV should work.