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ADVC 110 it doesn't find MiniDV Sony DCR-TVR 33

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  • ADVC 110 it doesn't find MiniDV Sony DCR-TVR 33

    Using the optional power supply for the ADVC110, it is possible to connect a mini DV camera in the frontal panel conexion DV IN /OUT of conversor?
    That´s impossible the converter it recognizes my cam.

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    Are you trying to connect the MiniDV camcorder to the PC via the ADVC110? (ie. passthrough)

    This is not recommended, as the PC will be confused between the ADVC110 and the camcorder, both being connected to the same FireWire port.


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      Yes that is correct: Sony Camera OUT cable (4 pin) - ADVC110 IN cable (4 pin) and Firewire port PC cable (6 pin), but I do not work.

      At the moment I connect the camera directly to the port Firewire PC, but I like from conversor.

      In some Web sites one says that using optional power supply the camera is recognized in the PC it is why before buying I wanted it to confirm.
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        This isn't really true - can you please tell me which web sites are reporting this feature?

        The type of connection you are trying to achieve (passthrough) was only ever really supported by older Sony camcorders, and old (obsolete) Canopus video editing cards (EZDV, DVRaptor, DVStorm)


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          Unfortunately I don´t remember the Web sites, were forums of conversation in spanish, where the users counted its own experiences.

          So, that it's used power supply?

          Thanks for your attenttion.


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            It's not related to the power supply (although not using the external power supply wouldn't help things). It's as I said above - the PC will see two video devices on the same FireWire port - the ADVC (seen as an AVC Device) and the Sony camcorder.

            Windows won't know which device you want to use.


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              Yes, I understand what you say to me. What I don't understand so that the converter has a connection DV IN/OUT if hardly it can connect some device works that me in the PC.

              If I buy one power supply that additional utilities I can obtain?


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                The "In/Out" refers to the fact that the DV interface is fully bidirectional - as is the ADVC110 unit.

                Consider that our ADVC55 unit is DV output only... (from an analogue source)