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Twinpact100 16:9 question

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  • Twinpact100 16:9 question


    When i use Abobe OnLocation it works fine (16:9) when i directly insert my camera with firewire. When i want to capture analog video with the twinpact i only get 4:3... (i connected the same camera with 16:9 output)

    Does anybody know how to switch to 16:9?



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    Analog signals display 16:9 in an anamorphic 4:3 (tall-and-thin) format. It is the task of the post-production software, such as an NLE, to adjust the aspect ratio to the correct 16:9 display.


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      A DV stream has a flag set to indicate whether it was filmed in 4:3 or 16:9. When you plug your DV camera directly in to OnLocation, it reads the flag and adjusts the aspect ratio automatically.

      When you connect your camera's analog signal to the TwinPact, there is no way of communicating in the analog signal whether it was filmed in 4:3 or 16:9 (a 16:9 signal is "squished" to make it fit into 4:3, this is called anamorphic). Since the TwinPact doesn't know the aspect ratio of the analog signal, it sends a DV stream to the computer with the 4:3 flag always set.

      I have never used OnLocation (I use CS3 on a Mac) but have looked at its features, and according to the blurb you can adjust the aspect ratio from 1.0 to 2.5 (including 16:9).

      Even if you don't adjust the aspect ratio in OnLocation, you can always tell Premiere that a captured DV stream is 16:9 when importing it.



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        Hi Ken and Kenneally,

        Thanks for the explanation. I understand there isn't a switch or method on the Twinpact to use 16:9... i'll try to sort out OnLocation or inside Premiere.

        Thanks again!