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TwinPact 100 with Final Cut Pro

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  • TwinPact 100 with Final Cut Pro

    Has anyone used TwinPact 100 with Final Cut Pro to capture live footage?

    At work we have a large conference room where I would like to connect our digital projector via RGB to TwinPact 100 to a Mac Pro, using Final Cut Pro. It's mainly for capturing live onscreen presentations, such as PowerPoint.

    I would like to know has anyone gotten good results with this setup? The final product of the video capturing would be for DVD and online.


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    Just remember that unless you're using the software for mouse tracking or defining the capture region, anything above 640x480 resolution will get scaled down, as the effective resolution of video is 640x480.

    Lots of people mistakenly think they can just go straight with their 1024x768 or higher resolution signal and get good results... usually you can't, unless everything uses large fonts and graphics.


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      Thanks for the info

      Thanks for the information Brandon.