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Picture Controller Application for ADVC-300

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    Best bet is to contact technical support and let them know your situation - they can possibly arrange your account to include your ADVC300 product, or, they may just mail you a CD.


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      ...or just log on to your user account on and register your ADVC-300 in your user account product registry. Then you will then be able to download the software for the ADVC-300.

      Once you log in to your user account, look for the link in the left sidebar that says “Product Registry.” Click on this link, and the next page will show you everything in your product registry. If you haven’t registered anything, it’ll be empty. So, click the large orange button at the top of that page that says “Add a Product.” The next page will ask for the product name, serial number, date of purchase, etc. Fill all of this information in and click the large orange “Submit” button. Now that you’ve added an ADVC-300 to your product registry, you will see a link in the left sidebar for “Product-Related Downloads.” Click this link, and on the next page you will see two selectable options: General Utilities and ADVC-300. Click the red “downloads” link under ADVC-300. The next page will have 3 sections, and you'll want the last one, "ADVC-300 Utilities."

      If none of the above works, then yeah, contact Tech Support.


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        Picture Controller and OS X Lion compatibility?

        Since the most recent release of Picture Controller seems to have been in 2003, is an Intel version of the application forthcoming? Need to continue rely on the ADVC 300. Or maybe there's a different controller application?


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          Does anyone know where this software can be downloaded?

          I have a Canopus avdc 300 and wanted to use this capture siftware via firewire capture.



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            See post #17 above. Picrture Controller is for controlling the ADVC settings (other than DIP switch positions) from a PC rather than using the buttons on the device. Note that it is NOT capture software; you will need to use separate software for that function. Many, but not all, NLEs can ingest DV via firewire/IEEE/iLink connection.

            You my need to ensure you have correct legacy (OHCI IEEE1384) drivers installed if using the more recent versions of Windows. They need to be downloaded from MS, Win 8 and above did not ship with them.

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