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PB ADVC 110 and still waiting for support

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  • PB ADVC 110 and still waiting for support

    hello support,

    Since 3 or 4 week...I contacted you for a pb with my ADVC 110 (red light always on status led) I can't understand why you dont' help me and don't do anything regarding my problem , I've a true invoice and a true (and still valid) warranty.
    I can't wait anymore, what can I do to having a true and working canopus support ?? it's because of my location ? I'm ready to send you my ADVC box...but i need to trust you so PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

    if you can't do anything ? where can I ask to receive a real support ? the French support (AV2P) can't help me without your agreement.



    hope using this forum I will receive a solution because using the mails it's not the case.
    sorry for my bad english

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    You already contacted your local Canopus dealer where you've bought the box?


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      Please see this post which explains the methods to contact support.


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        Thanks for your reply.

        Well the story is...i'm French from France and bough the ADVC 110 into an Apple Store (Ireland) so:

        * Contact your Grass Valley/Canopus product reseller
        -> DONE, I've already contacted the french canopus support (AV2P) which told me to contact Canopus UK because they can't support ADVC from AppleStore and bought outside of the France

        * Submit a Technical Support request via the Web site
        -> DONE, and because I'm from FRANCE they seem don't want to do any last two mails still remaining without reply (my 1st post was sent as copy to the canopus UK support using their web site).

        Why Can't I have a true Canopus support ? because of my location ? mean if a custumers buy a canopus product (with invoice of course and warranty) from outside of his country he can't have any technical support later ??

        hope it's a mistake and someone from Canopus will contact me about my problem...


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          Contact from UK


          We have been replying to your emails giving you a contact to call but it appears these are not getting through to your inbox. We have replied again to your emails of this morning. I can assure you we are not ignoring you but we are getting no bounce back emails to say the emails are not being delivered.

          To try to find out where the problem is i added read receipts this morning, these have not come back so i am not sure if you have a junk mail folder on your email account that is blocking all our responses.

          Please can you check this as we do want to find out why you are not getting our replies.

          To help you with your issue i believe you need to contact the apple store as they have a company that then contact us from the region it has been brought from. Generally we do not handle the RMA's direct from customers outside of the UK but are happy to deal with your case direct but we need an alternative way of contacting you.

          Please let me know if you find our emails and a number or another way of contacting you.


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            Hello Jenny Pitts,

            Thanks to your reply,

            I've been send you a mail with another two mail inside to be sure you can reply me. I'm waiting for your mail reply before continue our discussion regarding the support of my ADVC.

            Once the contact etablished I hope we will find a way to resolve it fastly.