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ADVC-300 Can Not Be Found

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  • ADVC-300 Can Not Be Found

    Hey Guys,

    So I bought a used ADVC-300, got it home, plugged it in to my computer, expecting the best, and found I had something less. I was not able to preview the incoming image, video from a DVX-100 camera, consistantly. It would come and go, lock-up, etc. I came to this forum and someone suggested getting a new firewire card for a similar problem. I did, installed it, plugged in the ADVC-300 and success all was working great......for a while.

    All of a sudden my computer doesn't want to boot and I find that when I remove the firewire card all is well. After much frustration I find that the way the card is plugged in is crucial to whether it works or not. BTW it's a cheap card made by a company called Ultra. After exchanging the card and experiencing the same problems with it, I finally get it to work with my external HD consistantly, but the ADVC-300 has never worked again and when I open the picture control software it says "ADVC-300 can not be found". I've tried everything I know to do, turning the power to the ADVC-300 on and off, exchanging firewire ports and cables, etc. but to no avail.

    So now I wonder if I've damaged the ADVC-300. Is there a way to determine this? Can I "ping" it somehow to confirm that the firewire port is working, or does it just have to be sent in for repair?


    Ken Dabek
    West End Recording

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    You can't 'ping' it as such, but a normal, functioning ADVC300 unit should immediately signal a 'DV device connected' prompt once you turn it on and connect it to a Windows PC.

    If that does not happen (and certainly, if no lights are on) then there is a good chance the unit has a fault. A call to tech support should set you back on track.