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ADVC300 digital input capture problems

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  • ADVC300 digital input capture problems

    Hi Folks - first post,

    I'm struggling with a problem of miniDV capture into Premiere Pro CS3 via the ADVC300.

    The camera is a miniDV Panasonic NV-GS280 which works perfectly on both FireWire cables I'm using direct into Premiere set to Panasonic standard control codes.

    The moment I attempt to control the camera in the capture window, the input on the ADVC300 changes to analog whether there is an analog feed or whether I unplug the analog inputs or not.

    This happens whether the PC control DIPset1-8 is set on or off.

    The only advice from the Canopus workshop so far is to use 6-4 firewire cables which I am (Apparently using 6-6 & 4-4 cables may over-power the ADVC because of PC power fed through but this does not affect the problem).

    Since the ADVC300 has no Tape Deck functionality, am I right in thinking the capture control prefs should still be set to the camera?
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    The solution - don't use passthrough. Hook the camera directly to a FireWire port for control/capture.


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      But then the preview on tv monitor wont work while rewinding, FFing.


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        ADVC300 - By pass the Pass Through!

        Hehe, thanks for that profound suggestion...perhaps I should bypass video capture & take up pottery!

        Seriously though, does anyone know if this indicates a fault with the ADVC300?

        I bought this unit from eBay at the end of Feb 2008 & looking to prove its behaviour. As we all probably know, this can be frustrating & confusing when you don't know a piece of kit.
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          Originally posted by bojan
          But then the preview on tv monitor wont work while rewinding, FFing.
          That's true but that's a novelty anyway as the monitor is a Grundig portable TV.

          It's always good to remember every little thang - ta.


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            There's no fault - as mentioned in a few other posts here, the whole pass through aspect is really only recommended with Sony Cameras/Decks and older Canopus DV editing hardware boards.

            Working outside of that scope can lead to situations like yours here. Both the Panasonic deck and the ADVC unit are fighting to be the DV device that Premiere wants to talk to.

            If you want to see what your camera is displaying during deck control/capture, use the analog outputs from the camera to the television. Then use the outputs from the ADVC unit during actual editing (Digital-to-Analog mode). If your television only has one set of analog inputs, use an AV switcher.

            Again, passthrough/daisy chaining is not recommended in this case..


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              ADVC300 - By pass the Pass Through!

              Thanks for that KH/Mr Sparkle,

              That's just what I needed to hear!


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                But probably our next problem will be something that is connected with this:

                "Solution 3: If you are connecting the source using S-Video through a SCART adapter, verify that your source device is sending a S-Video signal through the SCART connection. Not all devices do, and not all devices do in all cases."


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                  So if your Grunding portable tv doesnt have s-video


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                    I've got an amusing one where I have a basic Panasonic DVD player (or "DERVED" as the FoneJacker says it), Panasonic VHS player & one of those eastern mysterious items, in this case called a "Silvercrest".

                    All stick it out on the connections you want except the Silvercrest has a few volts hanging around on the case which you notice if your bare arm touches a corner!

                    Now THAT little cheapy is not getting connected to anything unles it gets earthed! It plays everything though...DiVX etc.


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                      On the sensible side again...anyone recommend the best way to shrink large AVIs for web-hosting or just emailing?

                      I've tried a few rubbish bits of sotfware & got bored.


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                        And i have even better idea for Premiere Pro CS3 / ADVC-110, ADVC-300 users
                        1. Buy yourself Sony DCR-HC 27 camera
                        2. Get your dv/av out unlocked
                        3. Connect your VHS to your camera
                        4. Connect your camera to a computer directy to a fire wire card
                        5. Capture

                        And if you want preview on a tv monitor connect your VHS to it using a adapter.

                        Who knows maybe it will work. And after a time you will ask yourself why have you
                        bought your ADVC anyway.