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Bottom of VHS video is messed up with ADVC-110

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  • Bottom of VHS video is messed up with ADVC-110

    I am capturing old VHS tapes from my Mitsubishi VCR through the ADVC-110 with composite cables. When capturing the video with Edius Neo or Ulead VideoStudio 10 I get a weird shifting of the very bottom of the video. The shifting looks kind of like a stair stepping of the bottom of the video. I have tried two different VCR's and it still appears. I tried the VCR's connected to my TV and the video looked fine. I posted a picture to show what I'm talking about.

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    That's normal for analog video and not a limitation or problem in the ADVC, you're seeing the overscan area that is cut off when watching the video on a TV.

    You can either ignore it because it isn't visible if you play the video back on a TV, or you can crop it using your video editor.


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      also, your videos timebase is totally out, you can see that by the wavy left and right edges

      a Timebase corrector connected to VHS player will fix this and dramatically improve quality
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        A Timebase corrector would do a lot, but if none available place a region on you video, adjust so that you'll end up with nice box with in the "good" video area and select a outside block color to black, or any color that you prefer.

        Not a perfect solution, but it looks more "neat" and finished.

        Edit : You could also use the video layout tool to crop (zoom in) to your "good" video, but looking at the VHS quality this is not advisable.

        Most of the problems you have won't show on a CRT tv it will be automatically cropped out except the bottom is a bit severe, on a LCD or PLASMA you will see all, even the top and the side's so the best work around would be to "box" it using region.
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          Thanks guys. THoff's answer seems to have answered my question and a allayed my fears a bit. The wavy lines aren't my doing they were that way when I got the video. It's from HBO's 'When Baseball Was A Game" series. I appreciate the prompt responses.