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ADVC110 keeps requesting to capture

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  • ADVC110 keeps requesting to capture

    I have a brand new ADVC110 and a brand new optiplex 755, Core2 duo, 3gig ram, WinXp, two satas and firewire trying to encode to Vegas 8. When I connect the firewire cable to the card, the unit powers up and I get the notice from windows what to open with the device. When I make a choice, 20 seconds later it asks again and keeps asking. I am plugged in analog, but the unit's light is set on digital, when I push the button on top, it does not switch.

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    I presume that the firewire was added as a card into your 755? If so, check that the additional power cable was connected to the card. Without this, insufficient power will be available on the firewire port to fully power the ADVC110.

    Also, some users have reported problems with firewire 800Mbps speed ports connected to ADVC units, which have been fixed by purchasing a cheap FW400 card.