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Which ADVC is right for me - BTW I am a NEWB!

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  • Which ADVC is right for me - BTW I am a NEWB!

    I have NOT purchased a device yet. I have been advised that Canopus product are the number one choice.

    Who am I... My name is Steve and I work with the Media Dept with our church.

    What do I want...advice? Someone gave us an Analog camera Panasonic AG-DP800, I know I need an AVDC but which one. Mostly it would be for recording service then trimming up the clips with Premiere or even Movie Maker and sending to the TV station on DVD.

    We really want the best quality we can get for the most reasonable price. I guess I want to know why I wouldn't want the Braodcast versions of your boxes. Right now I am thinking about the 300??

    Please help, I was supposed to give a quote to the Pastor on Monday!

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    First off, people will need to know what you are wanting to do.

    - Do you want to record services and edit the video? If so, how do you plan to edit the video, on a PC or with a linear editor?

    - Do you want to be able to use the live video feed to show the services at a remote location (different room, broadcast over TV/CATV)?

    This will help others help you in suggesting the product best suiting your needs.


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      Originally posted by ib4est596 View Post
      Someone gave us an Analog camera Panasonic AG-DP800,
      welcome to the forums

      just as an FYI, the camera was better known as the Panny Supercam
      so you've got composite and s-video out.
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