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Will ADVC300 clean up this video?

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  • Will ADVC300 clean up this video?

    I'm wondering if upgrading to the ADVC300 will fix the problems associated with the enclosed file. It was created using a ADVC100 from a HI8 tape. The problem is with the tape.
    It was originally an AVI file, but I converted it and after seeing it played here it looks worse than the AVI.

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    Since you've already bought an ADVC100, maybe you should put that money toward a Time Base Corrector? (TBC)


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      After reading your reply, it sent me searching the net for TBC's. The one that seemed the most affordable and had the most features I could find was the 1T-TBC by TvOne. If you search this forum you will find a post about it. I have over 6 dozen HI8 tapes 20+ years old shot with Canon A1 and L1 cameras, and even buying the ADVC100 was more than I wanted to spend. While searching I ran across everything imaginable about TBC's and HI8. But, one site mentioned an inexpensive HI8 Canon ES8600 as having TBC. It just so happens, I have one. I was using a Sony EVO-550H to run my tapes thru the converter. I tried the ES8600 and the results are amazing. Not only did it get rid of the artifacts(every once in a while there is one) but the color is brighter and the picture is sharper. Only problem the ES8600 is mono, but splitting the audio took care of that. Just wanted you to know your comment saved me money. Thanks


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        Happy to help. :)


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          Looks like your tape has a lot of creases/wrinkles on it...