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Is ADVC110 bundled with NeroVision Express 2?

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  • Is ADVC110 bundled with NeroVision Express 2?

    Looking to buy a ADVC110 to transfer shows off a dying PVR.

    I see in the listing on that it comes bundled with NeroVision Express 2, but the listing on makes no mention of included software.

    Is the bundling done by the seller or does Canopus include the software?


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    It's done by Canopus (Grass Valley) and I've never heard of any Nero software being offered by Grass Valley
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      Found it here...

      Says it's bundled with Let's CONVERT and the NeroVision Express 2 software suite.

      So just curious if I buy it at will I get the same software, i.e. it's bundled at the factory and not the retailer.


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        Ooooold stock there - Let's CONVERT did in fact come with NeroVision Express software...but that's going back around three years or so.


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          So what's in the bundle now? I'm not looking for too much...just looking to archive a dying pvr and then will probably use it for the dozens of old vhs tapes hanging 'round.


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            Probably nothing.
            AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, EDIUS X WG.


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              You now get a 30-day trial version of EDIUS Neo in the box with the ADVC-110 and ADVC-300. That is the only software bundled with our products from the factory. As KH pointed out, that is some WAY OLD stock being shown on It's quite possible that if you were to buy one from that distributor it would not actually come with that software bundled. My guess is that they haven't updated their description in a few years.