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ADVC-300 Software for MacOS Catalina?

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  • ADVC-300 Software for MacOS Catalina?

    Hi, Just purchased a used ADVC-300 to convert VHS tapes.

    I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7.

    Do I need to install the Picture Controller software and something else to get this to work or could I import into Adobe Premiere Pro directly w/o anything else?

    Not quite sure what I need. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    You should sign up and then register your product at the Grass Valley website.

    Start here: Your Account | Grass Valley​

    I can't help as I'm not a Mac person. Most folks here use PCs with Grass Valley hardware and software.

    If there is software or a utility that you can use, it will be listed once you register your product.


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      FWIW, the User Manual says the Picture Controller software supports OS-X. Given the propensity of Apple for quickly abandoning support for legacy software support beyond that is problematic, and the software was discontinued years ago.

      It uses "iLink" for digital I/O. iLink is a Sony name for IEEE1394 and Apple's original Firewire, AKA Firewire 400.

      The device can be set manually; the software is not required to adjust/change settings. Details are in the user guide.

      There is a tech note regarding Firewire 800 support. Not being a Mac user I do not know the details.

      Related information is in the DFAQ web site thread, but that site does not favor the use of an ADVC-300 for VHS capture, nor does it advocate use of a Mac for VHS capture. You will have to decide for your self whether or not the results meet your needs.