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ADVC110 and capturing television using iMac/Leopard

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  • ADVC110 and capturing television using iMac/Leopard

    Hi,,I just bought a iMac to try out, and of course I am used to just plugging the cable in to the pci card on my PC (but now want to use a Mac).I have a cable box from where I get the signal,and before ,when I used my PC, a Sony using Gigapocket (must be an incorporated capture card w/video-Propriitary),it had a program from where it was quite simple to capture television. Now my problem is how do I do the same thing with my iMac. Not sure how to set it up. My set top cable box I assume has a s-video, and the iMac has a svideo and of course Firewire. I have Final cut pro, and I guess iMovie.. Can anyone tell me how to set up? Do I use both the firewire and s-video in the same time? I thought s-video was just for video,,and if so,, how would I be dealing with the sound.Thanks for any help.
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    Connect your cable box's output to the ADVC's inputs. S-Video (or Composite), and the red/white stereo audio plugs.

    Connect the FireWire from the ADVC to your iMac. It should appear to your iMac like a DV camera/deck. From there proceed as if you are capturing from a DV camera of deck in iMovie or FCP.

    ...and set the ADVC to Analog In mode. :)


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      Thanks,, got the Video,, except I can't get audio.. I was hoping on seeing the video on the tv on the screen(which I did)and to hear the audio. I plugged the red and white composite on the front of the unit where the s-video is also plugged in,, and on the back of the cable box,, I tried both red and white plugging in, but no audio appears still with the tv playing. Ihave a choice of "to TV" and a choice of "to VCR"..believe it or not , for now,, I will , or was hoping only to capture television clips if I can. Now if I can only capture the audio. So, I do not have a VCR.. I am only going to capture the tv into my iMac. Should I look at some other settings in audio somewhere? or did I just about have it right? I was hoping on using the ADVC unit instead of the EyeTV.
      Thanks for your help by the way. As you can see,, I am somewhat of a Noob on Mac and the ADVC.


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        Most likely the audio is reaching the ADVC and is being encoded to the DV stream, but your preview/capture software isn't decoding the audio.

        This is quite common, as the DV encoding and decoding takes a slight bit of time and results in the picture on your computer being slightly behind (late) the live TV picture. The same goes for the audio - so if the audio was decoded on the computer you'd have an echo effect. See if there's an option to decode/preview audio in your capture application.

        Unfortunately my last Mac was an LC520, so you'll have to wait for KH to sign on to get more Mac-specific advice.


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          Thanks for the info..#1 Maybe I have the red and whites plugged in wrong in the back of the box (even though I have tried both to VCR and to TV. Immediately,when I first start the Final Cut application,the video signal pops up (with whatever channel I had picked), and I do not get any audio from the get go, never mind getting audio from recording playback which goes quite well.