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  • Avdc110

    Hi everyone,

    I bought the AVDC110 converter about a year and a half ago and did not use it until now. I am running Sony Vegas on a PC platform. The converter is connected through firewire to the computer. I have a analog source in and an analog out to view on a monitor. Whenever I capture, it is ok the first time. Then the next time I open the Vegas capture utility, it does not reconnect and both 'analog and 'digital' LEDs are lit. I also cannot get the video preview to output to analog from Vegas when editing. I also have no audio out. I do not have an AC adapter. It is being ordered. What do you think it could be? Am I doing something wrong.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Sounds to me like it could be a setting in Vegas? Try the freeware capture utility WinDV to see if this allows you to capture more than once (many people use this utility for capturing instead of their editing app because it is easy to use and has buffering to prevent dropped frames). When using WinDV if you find that your ADVC110 is disconnecting or switching to output mode during capture (eg. at a scene change), untick the little box between the Config and Capture buttons to turn off device control. Note that the WinDV preview shows only video, there is no audio, but the audio will be recorded to disk.