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ADVC 300 ,Help/advise with home DVD's

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  • GrassValley_BH
    I agree with Kenneally - the ADVC300's TBC won't help because you've already "burned in" any video problems by doing the DVD recording (any problems in the video are now in the encoded video). The DVD's playback will be "pure" at least from a video signal sense so the ADVC300's filtering won't "see" much to correct.

    It's like if you were making a collage and one of the pictures is crooked. If you're working on the original (the original source), you can move the picture to try to fix it. But after you've already recorded it, now it's like trying to fix a photocopy of the collage. The crooked picture isn't easy to move at all anymore.

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  • GrassValley_KH
    You can most definitely capture DVD-to-FireWire with any ADVC - the DVD player's output is analog, and hence no different as if it were a VHS/S-VHS deck.

    Given your source, I'd probably suggest you save the dollars and just go for an ADVC110.

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  • 757Driver
    started a topic ADVC 300 ,Help/advise with home DVD's

    ADVC 300 ,Help/advise with home DVD's

    I need some advise..I recorded our OLD home VHS tapes onto DVD's using a VCR-DVD combo recorder. I have 80 DVD's now. The DVD files are recorded in VTS-VOB format. IMovie will not capture these files.

    Can I play the VTS-VOB files from my DVD player through the ADVC 300 and capture them with iMovie 08 ? Or, can I use a ADVC 110 or 100 to do this ?

    I tried riping the files using other software and had a lot of problems, like incomplete files ect.

    Any suggestions ? Thank you.