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ADVC 110 blinking red status light

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  • ADVC 110 blinking red status light

    I am trying out my new ADVC 110 for the first time. I have an external power adapter plugged in to the ADVC 110, a 6 pin IEEE1394 firewire cable (I also tried a 4 pin) connected to a STLab IEEE 1394b PCMCIA firewire card in a Dell Latitude D620 running Windows Vista. I also have a set of RCA cables from a VCR "out" jacks to the ADVC 110 analog audio and video "in" jacks.

    THe firewire PCMCIA card and the cables work fine with other devices that I have tried.

    Windows seems to recognize the device and auto-runs the video import wizard but if I run through the wizard it errors out with a message that the player cannot be controlled.

    On the ADVC 110, the status light continually blinks red and both analog in and Digital in lights blink blue. The Input Select button does not do anything.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    It sounds like there's a problem with the power. Either it's not getting enough power, or the bus is resetting because of overvoltage/short. It could also be a weird 1394b thing...

    Are you using the optional power adapter specifically designed for the ADVC, or another power adapter?


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      The power adapter was purchased separately and advertised as being for the ADVC 110. It does have the proper 5v output. It is a Delta Electronics model ADP-5FH B.

      I doubt it's a firewire issue because the status light blinks red even when no firewire or RCA cables are plugged in.


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        If the status light is blinking with nothing but the power supply attached, something is likely wrong with the unit. Contact Technical Support for further troubleshooting and possibly RMA.

        Just in case, check the DIP switches on the bottom of the unit to ensure they're not in some weird mode first though.