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Final Cut Pro & ADVC300 Set uo

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  • Final Cut Pro & ADVC300 Set uo


    I'm not sure if this is a Canopus issue or an Apple issue, so I'm asking both...

    We just installed our new ADVC300. It is connected using firewire to a new iMac 24 which is running Final Cut Studio 2(Final Cut Pro 4.5)

    The ADVC300 composite video and analog audio is feeding our TV station analog routing switcher.

    The Component out of the ADVC300 is going up to the component input on a monitor in the Final Cut edit suite.

    So far, we have not had much luck in seeing either the component or composite output. I'm sure it's a setting in the ADVC300 or in Final Cut Pro. Or both. But so far, I haven't been able to discover the trick. I did install the Mac Software that came with the ADVC300 and when we went into the "View" Menu of Final Cut Pro, when I checked "View all Frames", we did see a still of the last frame of video that was appearing on the edit screen of the Final Cut on component Monitor. But that's as far as I was able to get. Then, when I un-checked View all frames, the (component)monitor went black and when I re-checked View All Frames again, the still frame or no other video was to be seen.

    Any Ideas?