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problems with advc55 install

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  • problems with advc55 install

    greetings! i am a noob to canopus vid capture. i am having some trouble with a new install.

    my system: intel e6850 core duo cpu. 4 gb ram. 500 mb hard drive. fresh install of (legal) XP home (new desk top computer system, < 1 week old!).

    i have installed the edius neo software that came with the advc55.

    when i connect the advc55 to a FW port i get the following notice on the system tray:

    new hardware detected: 0020110114007E5B

    then i get the following dialog box:

    found new hardware wizard

    this wizard helps you install software for:

    (bla bla)

    X install the software automatically (recommended)
    0 install from a list or specific location

    click next to continue

    [next>] [cancel]

    after clicking next, the system will grind for 30 sec or so and then report drivers not found.

    there don't appear to be any drivers on the supplied cdrom (that i can find). i took a close look at your downloads section and there are no drivers listed for the advc55.

    i spent a great deal of time groping around in the edius neo software. after locating the utility that allows for configuring input/output devices, all that are shown are 2 generic sources. there appears to be no way to add the advc55 and the config utility can not see the advc55.

    i am out of air-speed, altitude, and ideas...

    any suggestions?

    many thanks,

    dennis dodd

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    Is that XP Home up to date with Service Pack 2? (SP2)

    There aren't any drivers for ADVC products - it mere uses an internal ADV device driver built into Windows XP for connectivity.

    What sort of FireWire port is that? Is it on the motherboard, or a separate IEEE 1394 board? Need some more info on that.


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      Is it a FW800 port? Some people have had problems with FW800 and ADVC units, which have been fixed by purchasing a cheap FW400 card. See the threads ADVC 300 to PC Connection Dropout or Firewire bus reset??? for more information.



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        Did your computer come with Windows pre-installed, or did you install it yourself?
        It hasn't been a problem recently, but a couple of years ago major-brand computers that shipped with Windows pre-installed somehow had parts of the DV camera drivers missing.

        You might try a Repair install of Windows. That usually fixes it.


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          advc55 new install problems: update


          thanks for the quick response guys. yes, the XP has SP2.

          after further investigation today, i replaced the existing FW card (it was an 800 model w/software drivers) with an el-cheap-o 400 card, with the following results:

          when i plug in the advc55 the "cam-corder" icon now appears in the system tray.

          i have successfully captured some video with the microsoft movie maker capture utility. i have also captured some video using a freeware capture utility called CaptureFlux.

          my main concern now is: the "cam-corder" icon in the system tray seems to come and go at it's own whim.

          for example: if i unplug the (FW port) on advc55 and replug, the cam-corder icon will reappear in the system tray. i can start a capture session (using the above mentioned programs) and use it (for one capture) successfully. when the capture session begins, the cam-corder icon disappears from the system tray and the FW cable must be unplugged, and plugged back in to get the com-corder icon to reappear in the system tray for use in a subsequent capture session. (this is very annoying, needless to say).

          the capture utilities do work in the brute-force method(s) outlined above, but are "lo-fi" video, and not what i seek.

          when i try to use the advc55 with the edius neo software i get the following results:

          unplug and replug the advc55 FW cable

          the cam-corder icon appears in the system tray

          start edius neo software

          the cam-corder icon disappears from the system tray imeadeatly

          the edius neo application still does not detect the presence of the advc55 and only shows the 2 default input sources with no capability to add the advc55

          any ideas? your continued help is very much appreciated...

          with kind regards,

          dennis dodd


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            Did you connect a power cable to your FW400 card? There is usually a 4-pin connector (like a floppy drive power connector) on the card. If you don't have this connected, the card will draw limited power through the PCI bus which won't be enough to give reliable power to the ADVC.



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              Note that EDIUS Neo will not show an ADVC as an additional input selection. As far as it's concerned the ADVC55 is a DV camcorder (just like Windows thinks), so use the Generic OHCI DV capture.