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Windows software with timed capture?

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  • Windows software with timed capture?

    I have a PC running Win XP, with another one available with Vista. I am using an ADS Tech DVD Xpress DX2 that uses proprietary CapWiz software. It produces MPEG-2 files ready for me to edit and burn with VideReDo.

    However - the video quality could be better, and the system is not as stable as I'd like.

    So I have purchased an ADVC 110. Now I need software. My specific question is if anyone knows of a software package that will let me set a timer for the capture process. Here's what I'm trying to do:

    Suppose I have a tape that runs 1 hour and 35 minutes. Is there PC capture software that will let me set the capture software to start manually when I click on Go, capture for 1 hr and 35 minutes and 15 seconds (or whatever period I choose), and then stop capturing automatically when the time's up?

    I don't want to have to be standing by at the end of 44 minutes to manually Stop the recording.

    I don't need a "batch" of captures. I don't need to catch something in real time from live television. I just want to say "Record for 1 hr 35 min 15 sec from when I hit Start, then Stop recording automatically."

    This "timed capture" is implemented in the ADSTech DVD Xpress DX2 software and Honestech has a similar function, but those SW products are proprietary to their HW converters. I need something that will work with the ADVC 110.

    Ideally I will end up with MPEG-2, I think, but that is another issue.

    Any recommendations?


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    You can do that using CaptureFlux, which is a free program.


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      Thanks. I went to the site and went through the tutorials.

      I was surprised to see something that will work with the ADS Tech hardware! Perhaps it would help with the stability of the HW interface. Even then, however, I expect better video from the new ADVC 110, which I would really like to try.

      I believe CaptureFlux works by creating a schedule using the clock/calendar, i.e., it needs to be told: "On April 3 at 2:34:30 pm start recording automatically and stop recording on April 3 at 3:55:50 pm."

      That's not really what I want to do.

      As with the ADS Tech CapWiz and Honestech programs, I want to be able to tell the program: "When I hit START, capture for 1 hr 35 min 15 sec and then stop."

      I want to set a *duration*, not a clock/calendar *schedule*.

      Any other ideas?