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Problem with ADVC 110 And Pro Tools

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  • Problem with ADVC 110 And Pro Tools

    I'm a Pro Tools user on PC (XP) , and i'd like to send the video signal via firewire from Protools to another monitor. When everything linked, Protools tells me that no video device is connected to the computer.... I'm using a 6pin fw cable, no power supply, and nothing comes on the screen, not even the color bars when holding the button...
    Can someone please help me ?
    Thanks a lot !

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    Are you sure your FireWire card is providing sufficient power to the ADVC over the 6-pin FireWire connection?

    Some, but not all, firewire add-in cards have a 4-pin floppy-drive style power connector on them. If there is a power connector, you should connect it to your power supply. Some boards also have a jumper block that determines whether Firewire bus power is taken from the PCI bus or from the external power connector.


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      Yes, windows detects my ADVC110 and the firewire port can power it. After some tuning on my external monitor, i finally found the colors bars, so i guess my canopus is working. I use the motherboard's firewire port - as i read that playback a video in Protools doesn't work with a Firewire PCI card...

      I'm now wondering why ProTools can't find any video device connected to the computer....


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        Not sure there... but if it uses QuickTime, you may want to check what version is installed on your system.


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          Can you capture from the ADVC110 to your computer? Try a simple capture program like WinDV to see if capture is working. If so, then you will know that there is a configuration problem with Pro Tools.



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            ADVC 110 with Pro tools Le on XP

            I guess i have a similar problem.
            Is it possible to get analog video on a composite monitor from ADVC 110 connected to 1394; while using 003 factory on other 1394 and pro tools Le. The system is xp sp2 and the firewire is motherboard built in.

            Please reply if any one has same system and success or fail.