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ADVC110 How can I stop a Jumpy transfer ?

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  • ADVC110 How can I stop a Jumpy transfer ?

    How can I stop my transfers from having little jumps every now and again?

    Running off a Betacam SP machine, (the separate monitor has a perfectly stable image) but the computer monitor and transfered material jumps and flicks.

    Recording to iMovie , Mac OS 10.5.2

    Any help appreciated


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    Is the captured video "jumpy" during playback in iMovie when you play it back once you're done capturing? How about if you do a quick export of that captured video to a standard QuickTime file: is the playback of that file jumpy too? Also, do you have any other FireWire devices (hard drives, iPods, iSights, etc.) plugged in during transfer/capture?


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      Everything un-plugged and I still get a flicking picture, once transfered there is still a flicker even when exported. The weird thing is some Betacam tapes transfer just fine but most have this little jump. I must point out that the monitor connected to the tape-machine shows a perfectly stable image! ???


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        I have just bypassed the computer and taken a monitor output straight from the ADVC110 box. And the flicker is showing on the monitor which means its nothing to do with the computer. Could this box be not working? I guess there could be a fault?


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          With everything unplugged except the ADVC-110, try re-capturing a section that previously had the jumping/flickering you've described. Just a short section of a few minutes should do fine. Don't worry too much about the jumping/flickering during the capture, just during playback of the video within iMovie once the capture is complete.

          If possible, try another FireWire port on your computer, and/or another FireWire cable.

          If this still doesn't help, you may want to contact Technical Support.