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ADVC100 and Vista pproblem

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  • ADVC100 and Vista pproblem

    I recently upgraded computers at work and am having an issue with Vista and my ADVC 100. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Old computer is XP Pro using Adobe premiere pro 7. the set up is this: Firewire out to the ADVC 100, RCA DVD/r VCR combo in to the ADVC 100 via RCA's, out from the DVD/VCR to a tv to monitor. All of that worked great on XP. Used the TV to preview video from Premiere Pro 7 no problem.
    New set up: EXACTLY the same in/out config but new comp is Vista home premium and upgraded to Premiere Pro CS3. Problem = No video on tv monitor.
    is this a vista issue? Premiere CS3 setting i havent checked? Please help. My Production manager is freaking out .
    Thanks in advance,

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    Got It!!

    did some research in previous threads and found my answer.
    BTW it was the video preview setting in the project. needed to be set to external device
    this forum ROCKS