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ADVC110 PALN Black and white

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  • ADVC110 PALN Black and white

    Trying to digitalize PAL N VHS (from Argentina) with Vegas Video or LET´S EDIT(provided with ADVC110) image is ok but black and white.
    I tried the same whith my video camera from spain (PAL B I think) and I can see the image in colour

    ADVC110 recognize PAL N? or happens the same as NTSC that should be a true NTSC (3.58 I think)?

    I´ve used two different VHS players AUDINAC AR-608 PAL N/NTSC and RCA VT-N781 PAL N/NTSC that gives "true" PAL N signal. In both cases I used RCA conectors.

    what´s going on?

    Thank you, Rouch.

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    ADVC expects true NTSC 3.58, if it's getting NTSC.


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      I said I´m working with PAL N so the the switch selector on ADVC110 is set on PAL of course.

      I was looking at and says that in PAL B the colour subcarrier frequency is 4.433618 MHz and PAL-N (like NTSC) is 3.582056 MHz

      May be that´s the problem?

      As I remember I ask CANOPUS and they told me ADVC110 works with PAL N

      Does anybody know how to solve this problem, update firmware?


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        I could be wrong, but I don't think PAL M and PAL N are supported? At least they weren't back in the DVRex days, but that was a long time ago.


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          I´ve contacted CANOPUS tech support and they say it works with PAL N.
          So I don´t understand what´s going on...

          They have to respond me to anothe issues related to this problem, I´m gonna posted then

          If anyone knows anything else, welcome...



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            I had the same problem and solved it with a transcoder that I bought here in Buenos Aires: the name is NIC TNA-2141 Transcorder Pal B/N-N/B Automático.
            It converts the N signal to B and viceversa