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ADVC 110 and Quicktime Broadcaster

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  • ADVC 110 and Quicktime Broadcaster

    Hello =) Im making a tv channel streaming via internet with Mac Leopard and Qucktime Broadcaster, everything works awesome with my first Quicktime Broadcaster aplication, but when i open my second Broadcaster (need several bitrates for the streaming) i get no option to get the signal from the advc. My question is, can only one application get the signal from the advc? if thats the case, getting a second advc 110 and conecting its inputs with the composite outputs from the first advc will solve it? thanks!

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    You need to find the answer to two questions...
    1. Is there a way to "fork" the input stream so it can be seen by multiple applications?
      I know there are applications that can do this for webcams in Windows, but I don't know about for DV sources in Windows or Mac OS.
    2. If the answer to #1 is negative, then can QT Broadcaster use more than one DV source simultaneously?
      There can be issues with having more than one DV source on the Firewire bus simultaneously. It's a matter of timing and "attention" - whether the data flows fluidly, and whether the application can tell which datastream belongs to which source.
    If the answer to both of the above is No, then you might have to find another way - a different analog capture method like an add-in card, or a USB capture device.