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ADVC-300 --> DVD Recorder?

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  • ADVC-300 --> DVD Recorder?

    Hello, I've just purchased a ADVC-300 with the aim of transferring Hi-8 tapes directly to a DVD Recorder.

    My set-up is as follows --

    Hi-8 Deck (Sony EVO-9500) --> S-Video connection --> Canopus ADVC-300 --> Firewire 6pin to 4pin connection --> Panasonic DMR-EZ27.

    The set-up definitely works, because the DVD recorder acknowledges DV input and, moreover, the Hi-8 plays through and shows up on my monitor (much improved, I might add). However when I press 'record' I get a message that says "DV Camcorder cannot be found. Please try again."

    Has anyone experienced this when trying to run DV from the ADVC-300 into a device other than a PC?

    Also, I tried this on another Panasonic DVD recorder, the EH75V (which I no longer have access to), and it recorded just fine.

    I should add that my DIP settings are all on default (with the exception of Video/Saturation, which I lowered because the sources tapes are B&W.)

    BTW, as long as I'm here, if anyone has explanations for the DIP switches "PHY Speed" - "Chroma Filter" - "Component Level/SMPTE vs Betacam" I would be most grateful.


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    Probably your recorder is looking for rolling timecode from the attached DV device.

    Try powering the ADVC300 on with a video signal present - that'll usually engage DV Play mode (analog->DV) conversion.