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ADVC-300 non responsive

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  • ADVC-300 non responsive

    I have not been using my ADVC-300 for a while and just went to connect it to my mac however there is no response from the unit what so ever. It turns on and the Analog & Digital LEDs are lit and the two 3D processing LEDS and that is it. I have tried various dip settings, tried operating it through the software or on the buttons itself and no response. I have also tried both firewire connections to connect to pc with no luck.

    Help please. I am worried that this maybe out of warranty, but I do not know and do not remember when I bought the unit.

    Thank you

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    If both lights stay on and neither one goes off after a little bit, then it's time to call the support number for your region (in your case, you're served by the US office)