I have an ADVC300 and I take PAL and SECAM videotapes (VHS system).
But I have a quality problem, especially with SECAM tapes : more colors, as red color or skin color, are out of line (left contour).
I have digitalized more tapes, and I have not this problem with all PAL tapes I have use.
When I look the movie in EDIUS PRO4 playing window, I can see a vertical red bar in the right of the screen (visible on computer screen, not visible on a tv screen ; I remove it with EDIUS ).
Connection are made with the RCA pin (CINCH), not with Y/C connection because not available in my VHS VCR (but is it good to use Y/C output with a tape not recorded in S-VHS video standard).

I would like to know what kind of VCR can I use to have the best picture quality ?
No, I use SONY SLV-E 720 video tape recorder.
Have a VCR with Y/C connector solve the problem (My tapes are not S-VHS, only VHS)?

Thanks for your answers.

Best regards.