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  • ADVC110 Digital In to Computer

    Hi, I'm very new to video editing. I bought the ADVC110 to convert our older 8mm camcorder tapes and that is working well. We just bought a Canon ZR850 camcorder now (mini-DV)... should I use the ADVC110 with this new camcorder as well? Does that buy me anything? Seems it would, but I can't tell... I want to begin editing the new tapes from the ZR850 camcorder onto the computer (HP Media Center PC where I use Sony Vegas). Thanks for the help (the ADVC100 works great for our old 8mm conversions to DVD!). Thanks again.

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    No, the ADVCs are for converting analog video and audio to digital form, if you have a MiniDV camera with a Firewire connection, you already have a signal in the form that the ADVC outputs. Just connect the MiniDV camera in place of the ADVC.


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      Great! Thanks!!