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Major Problem with ADVC110 -- Red Status Light -- Image Corrupted

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  • Major Problem with ADVC110 -- Red Status Light -- Image Corrupted

    Hello Everybody --
    I'm having major problems with my ADVC110. I bought it about a month ago and have used it mostly to capture video from old Hi8 video cameras. It has worked flawlessly. However, today I attempted to capture part of a DVD using the red, yellow, and white cables -- with a firewire 6pin to 6pin connected to my computer -- and the image looks AWFUL. The status light is red, and the image looks horrible. I'm not sure what it is, or how to fix it. But I have to fix it fast! I've attempted to capture using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and using Final Cut Pro and imovie. I've gotten the same result.

    If anyone can please help me, I would appreciate it so much.

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    The red light means the signal is copy-protected (most likely by Macrovision). The ADVC won't capture copy-protected signals.


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      Hi - I've just bought the unit yesterday, and I have tested a VHS tape which worked, but on some other VHS tapes I get the red light and the bad image.

      Can VHS tapes also have this macrovision copy-protection?


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        Hi kmxe,
        Yes VHS tapes can also have Macrovision.


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          thanks for the quick reply - i appreciate it!