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ADVC color flickering

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  • ADVC color flickering

    Hi everybody !

    I have one weird problem when im capturing my VHS tapes..
    Im capturing some VHS Pal tapes -the whole system is set to pal - the VHS player,my capturing advc 1394 card , video editing softwares (Adobe Premier 6.5 ), etc.
    When i capture the video to computer it looks good too,but when im burning these videos to Dvd , and than play it on TV, the colors are flickering.. my dvd player and the TV is also set to Pal.
    I have tryed even the video dubbing , recorded the VHS tapes directly to DV tapes , and than recorded to computer through firewire..and it has the same problem,the final video on dvd is flickering ( the colors )-if i play it on TV..
    What can be the problem and what can be the solution ?
    Im editing videos for more than 2years ( directly from my DV camera in PAL ) and i never had this problem...just when capturing the VHS tapes..

    Thank you !

    Sincerely , Igor

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    Does the flickering occur when you play the DVD on your computer?



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      I would check the cables and possibly try another DVD player or TV.


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        I have found where is the problem ! On my dvd player the colour was set to RGB and on my TV to default video input and when i changed it on the TV to RGB the colors/picture was OK !
        I just dont understand why is this? before i was burning 100 hour of video to DVD from my DV camcorder and this never happened before..
        Or maybe this is because on my VHS player i can't select the video output to RGB or YUV, and maybe its on something else than RGB.. i will try with another VHS player..


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          DVD is YUV (YPbPr), so you should use YUV on both ends if possible.


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            When i change to YUV the colors on my DVD player,the colors on the TV look WORSE than in RGB on any dvd..and in YUV the colors start to flicker on those videos which i recorded from VHS to i think i will keep the whole system in RGB..and as far as i remember when i compressing the DV video to DVD in Adobe Premier 6.5 it also uses RGB colors for Pal system..


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              DVD MPEG-2 is YCbCr colorspace, not RGB.


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                Why is this that every DVD movie and my videos which i recorded to Dvd from DV camcorder are working in both RGB and YUV colors , and the videos which i recorded from VHS to Dvd are not working in YUV just in RGB ???
                what can be the solution,where is the problem ??
                Today i checked with different TV's and Dvd players..
                The VHS videos on Dvd are working on every TV ,just if i set the TV to RGB video input..
                I tryed with one Dvd player which has just S-video output ( doesnt have the choice of changing the colors to RGB or YUV ) and none of the TV's wants to play it normally ( the colors are flickering )..

                I checked Premier is using the " ITU-R Rec. 624-4 system B,G " for colors..i have no idea what is this..:)


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                  It could be that the video does not have broadcast (television) safe colors.

                  Does it flicker mostly when there is bright white or dark blacks?


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                    What does it mean " broadcast safe colors " ? you mean the video material on dvd or the VHS player doesnt give good colors ? what can be the solution for this ?
                    It flickers on color surfaces for example on orange,blue,red..
                    I can upload a sample of video so you can see what im talking about..?


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                      Does it make some effect on this " color flickering" that on my VHS player i dont have an S-video output, just Scart , and my ADVC 1394 card has just S-video in , so im connecting the video with the capture card :

                      Scart -- composite video cable -- s-video plug

                      this can be the problem ??


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                        The connection type shouldn't matter. The video levels, however, can.

                        For standard video (YPbPr), the full range of levels is not supported. This is why sometimes you will see video that makes the TV picture "roll" and lose sync, especially on saturated colors and white.

                        In RGB mode, your display either supports the full range of values, or the input is being clamped.

                        Does the DVD play OK on a computer player?


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                          Yes it play apsolutely OK on computer !!
                          And how can i change if its possible the video level ??

                          Now im connecting the VCR : Scart adapter -- composite video cable -- S-video plug (to capture card )
                          Will i get a better picture if i will change the Scart adapter to another one which has an S-video output, so i can connect directly with S-video cable to the capture card ??
                          Like the one on this picture :


                          ( Now im using the same scart adapter,but without this S-video output )


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                            S-Video gives a much better signal quality than Composite, so yes, the image should look better.

                            However, I think the problem with flickering is not related to the input signal type.

                            In the original captured footage, did you adjust the brightness or anything like that?

                            What program did you use to compress to MPEG to create the DVD?


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                              OK thanks,than i will change it to Svideo,will see if it will help..
                              No i didnt change anything in the original footage !
                              Adobe Premier 6.5 for using it for almost 2 years and never had any problems with it..(i was compressing the video from DV camcorder) .